7 Signs You Might Be Doing Well

It is easy to feel like you’re behind. Behind your friends. Behind your coworkers. Just behind.

But, it’s not true. You may even be ahead.

So much of what we see, especially online, is chosen and curated to tell a story and sell an image. It’s not real or, at least, it’s not the whole picture.

Financial YouTuber Humphrey Yang suggests 7 signs you’re doing better than you know.

7 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Might Think

You Don’t Signal Your Wealth

Unless you’re completely broke, you have more money than someone. What matters, however, is that you don’t make a show of it. Money is a tool; not a status symbol.

You Have an Emergency Fund of at least $2,000

Life happens. And it often happens in ways you don’t expect. But, when you have an emergency fund of around $2,000 (or more) those unexpected hits will not knock you off course.

You Have Spending / Savings Targets

The person who aims at nothing hits it every time. Without targets and defined goals, you will not get anywhere but by luck. Buried in this idea is the notion of a budget and a plan to increase your income.

You Live Below Your Means

Too often it’s about the image. We buy things to express who we are. But things — not the new shirt, not the nice car, not that next pair of shoes — do not make us who we are. When you live life below what you earn (your means) you are in control. And, when you’re in control, you can make things happen.

You Keep Your Debut Under Control

Some purchases, often cars and homes, require taking on debt. For most of us, we needed loans to pay for college. Debt, by itself, is not a problem. Uncontrolled debt, debt that pushes you above your means is a problem. Reducing and eliminating debt creates freedom. If you can make your monthly payments and you avoid credit card debt, you’re doing well. If not, then do what it takes, even if it means living with less, to get your debt under control.

You Set Your Own Success Standards

Your goals are your goals, not someone else’s. We don’t get anywhere by comparing ourselves. Measure yourself against your goals not some image you see.

You Build Your Net Worth Step-by-Step

Even Jeff Bezos started with only a little money and an idea. We grow net worth and, almost always, slowly and over time. Yang points out that it fluctuates, especially if you hold investments. What matters is not the absolute value on any given day, but the direction it’s going.

What Matters is What You Achieve

It is hard not to compare, to feel like you’re behind. It’s better to take a clear look at how you’re doing. And, even if you don’t (right now) check all the boxes, they make good goals to target.